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Awhile back I had the idea of going into business for myself so I had to think of what I could excel at, not just do good at but really excel. It seems my main talent is food and people so since my favorite form of food is BBQ the decision was made. Since then I have spent endless hours perfecting my BBQ and trying to find the right funding. 

Here we are a few years later and things have finally come together. I am really looking forward to having you visit and enjoy and tell your friends, and then come back and do it again. We are doing something that no other BBQ joint has thought of, or at least haven’t tried, and that is to give you more than one style of rib to choose from. Other places you have to settle and if you don’t like them you have to go somewhere else. Well now you can just come here and pick your region, pick your style, blow your mind!! We also have 5 sauces that are made from scratch almost daily and represent the BBQ states pretty well from Texas to Tennessee, side dishes that are elevated above the norm and a banana pudding that will make you look at your mom crooked for making it wrong all these years :-) C’mon in, I’ll be happy to serve you and get a smile on your face!!